Introduction –
My life is my trademark

As a psychologist and a qualified virtual coach, I consider it the primary goal of my profession that the people who come to me feel the best and most satisfied with themselves as a result of our work together. My understanding of this is that my clients achieve what they are capable of and what they desire on a spiritual/emotional, mental and physical level. When you are united, healthy and tuned in with yourself it is guaranteed to achieve your goals. One of the foundations of this is deep self-awareness. How can you know what you want if you don’t know yourself?

My goal is that my clients also learn that when the time comes for change, they should be able to lovingly put down old patterns, life situations or relationships- which no longer serves their present being – on the “altar” of life and then move forward.

I think it is important for people who use my services (as a life coach or as a psychologist) to realize and to learn that even in any unwanted life situation (this may be the case of unemployment, great debt, personal relationships challenge or loss of a loved one just to mentioned a few), there is the possibility of a new beginning. I want everyone who comes to me to experience the value of entering the unknown situation with renewed energy, facing their fears, stepping out of their comfort zone and have a new start with full of energy. It is worth giving ourselves this chance, because in this way individual growth is almost guaranteed.

I will help you to see how you can use your life experiences to your own advantage. I will help you to see how damned situations and brokenness can become blessings for you. Do you find it hard to imagine? Do not doubt for a minute! I know for sure that it can be done. Not only what I have learned convinces me of this, but my own life experiences undoubtedly testify that.

I know it’s never too late to change. I know because I live permanently a similar life. Already in my twenties I experienced the “other culture”, the other world, (how people so often referred to). I lived in America for years and I am living in Germany since 20 years. I have worked in pizzerias, shops, small companies, big companies, multinational-multicultural companies, banks, kindergardens and schools. I have met many different types of people and many unusual situations in life. I thank for all these different situations and challenges today, because without them, I would not be the person who I am today.

I am very familiar with the feeling of competing and wanting to prove yourself (to yourself, your family, your friends) not only in your home country, but abroad as well. I know how it feels like not to know a foreign language (in the country you live) perfectly and not to be able to express yourself at the mother tongue level. I know how frustrating it is on a daily basis to have various communication difficulties because of the lack of knowledge. I remember well the differences in culture, customs, temper and attitudes in different countries. I also know that this caused a great deal of stress at times in the early stages of my new life. Many times I had to leave my comfort zone at different stages of my life (and had very few other options left). 

That is why I really encourage you to consciously master the ability to leave your comfort zone! I also recommend you to develop this skill voluntary!

international experience

International experience

I am familiar with the feelings of homesickness, the challenges of settling in, and the myriad of other difficulties we experience when living abroad. What I think I know best is the great chance and potential of new challenges, new encounters, and new beginnings.  

I therefore look forward to working together also with Hungarians living abroad. I have extremely valuable experiences in diverse aspects of living in a foreign country.

I believe in the most successful, most happy, most contented, most healthy, most complete and most fantastic future you can imagine for yourself. I know you will achieve your goals if we work together persistently, keeping our agreements. I know we will succeed in activating your potential. I believe in YOU.

Let’s change

My message to you is that it is never too late in our lives to make the changes we want to see.

It’s never too late to realize and live out our long-held dreams and desires eventually find and to fully enjoy ourselves. It’s never too late to start something and it’s never too late to end something whether it is your relationship with someone or something else. There is no situation that cannot be brought to an end after the question marks and exclamation marks.

There is one person who is guaranteed to stay with you until your last day. It is YOU. That’s why I’m convinced that it’s worth making the best possible relationship with ourselves.

Welcome on board

You will work with me in love and affection. I accept you unconditionally as you are and what you are. With love and in love you will become the best version of yourself.

Do you feel like giving a try to be your best possible SELF? Are you ready to embrace the new, exciting experience into your life? Are you ready to leave the “force” and enter into flow? Then give us a chance to accomplish your goals, to fulfill your dreams and to actualize your potential together with me!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. (Lao-tzu)