leaving your comfort zone

There is huge potential for improvement in moving beyond the comfort zone. At first it will be uncomfortable, of course, because you may be frightened by the unfamiliar situation, or even by the idea of change. But real, radical change often requires stepping out of your comfort zone. If you make this step consciously, its formative or even transformative effect on your life is even greater. In my opinion, in order to live a fulfilling life, it is inconceivable to stay in your comfort zone, or not to be forced to leave it from time to time.

The fantastic journey of self-discovery is waiting for you. Your life will be filled with beautiful landscapes and interesting encounters. When you step out of your comfort zone and set off on an unknown journey, you will feel proud and free.

What happens when you step out of your comfort zone and what are the stages before you reach the growth zone? Comfort Zone-> Fear Zone-> Learning Zone-> Growth Zone

1., Your comfort zone: where you feel safe and in control.

2., The zone of fear: here you are still making excuses, depending on the opinions of others for your decisions. Your opinion of yourself is based upon the opinions of other people about you. You have very little self-confidence

3., The learning zone: here you have expanded your comfort zone. You are learning new things. You’re coping with your challenges more easily.

4., The growth zone: You will be able to find your life’s mission. You start to realise your dreams and desires. You are setting new goals and you will achieve them.

Do you want to try how it feels like to consciously leave your comfort zone?  I’ll share with you 7 ways how to do it.

Seven ways to leave the comfort zone:

1., Do something different every day (e.g. turn off your mobile phone from time to time)

2., Develop yourself on a subject that interests you

3., Try a new way of cooking or try out a new diet

4., Take your exercise to the next level. Do a bit more or try some other form of exercise. It could be any kind of exercise. The key is to be interested and excited about your new choice.

5., Dare to be creative! Let your imagination run wild, or have Pinterest to help.

6., Feel free to doubt what you have believed about something or someone! Look at it/him/her again, from a different perspective!

7., Practice honesty! You will understand yourself better, which will help you to develop a deeper relationship with yourself.



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