What is life coaching ?

A life coach is a person who helps you to fulfill your desires and to actualize yourself. It helps you to achieve your goals in different areas of your life. The coach will help whether your goal is finding the ideal relationship solution, dealing with a different life situation, focusing on a career or developing a healthier lifestyle. The coach will support you to achieve a life that has purpose and meaning and is fully aligned with your vision.

You tell me what you want to achieve and I (life coach) help you to achieve your goal by activating the strengths and possibilities within you. I will assist you to go beyond the limits you know or your think you have and together we will remove the barriers and blocks that are holding you back from achieving your plans. Very often the fear of failure is one of the biggest challenges to overcome, but I guarantee we will be able to overcome it. I can help you to maximize your potential, both personally and professionally. Our work together will be characterized by thought-provoking and creative thinking.

life coaching

I recommend myself and life coaching to you and do not hesitate to contact me

  • if you are not there in your life where you want to be
  • if you want to increase your confidence and deepen your self-awareness
  • if you want to live out your full potential and have a strong desire to fulfill your life
  • if you are faced with a difficult choice or decision
  • when you are tired of the monotony of everyday life, tired of dead ends or stagnation
  • when you want to learn a fast and effective stress management technique
  • when you want to stop living in fear
  • when you have decided that you want to make a permanent change to habits (that you no longer like or that no longer serve you)
  • if overcoming challenges in your life seems very difficult
  • in case you need help in dealing with a loss
  • when you want to start a new life
  • when you have decided that you would like to finally find your permanent right partner
  • when you are fed up with not wanted solitude
  • in case you want to get in better shape or even lose weight
  • if you want to try a healthier lifestyle
  • if you think that now is the time to live an independent, courageous life!