What is the difference between coaching and counseling?

In psychological counselling or therapy, the client usually comes to you with current problems, unresolved grievances, unpleasant and disturbing behavioral patterns. The solution to these problems is usually found by understanding and working through the past. For the sake of simplicity, I say that we carry the bricks of our past like a backpack. Therapy, psychological counselling helps us to unload these heavy bricks and continue our journey with lighter steps and more freedom. So our work is focused on the client’s “past to present moment” phase of life.

The coach usually focuses on the present but then first and foremost on the desired future. I help my clients to plan their goals – only what they want to achieve – and to achieve them successfully. Any blocking difficulties that may arise during the process are identified and put in the spotlight and then  – using NLP and psychological methods – are dealt with effectively. A step-by-step implementation plan will be discussed, developed and implemented to achieve the desired goal. In this process, we focus our attention on the client’s plan for “from the present to the envisioned, self-desired future”.

In coaching, active collaboration is the key and the condition for a successful outcome of the joint work. Thus, during the coaching sessions, there is a strong emphasis on active client-coach collaboration, on the implementation and achievement of the tasks set out. This is why it is important to carry out the agreed plans in a responsible manner, all of which serves the sole purpose of realizing the client’s wishes and goals.

coaching versus counselling

Often when the client has completed his therapy – having sorted out and processed the difficulties he has encountered – she/he continues her/his self-development with life coaching.  With a changed outlook on life and liberated energy, there is a very good chance that she or he will embark on the next life coaching challenge, which requires active participation and improves the quality of life.