My clients say about me

Feedback is very important to me. Here are some references of my clients.

When I started working with Ildi, I thought the world was collapsing around me and my everyday life was very miserable. That’s when I turned to her. With the structured days we discussed together, I was motivated again. My goals are getting closer to me. She is amazingly lovely with me always, holding my hands like 110% devoted of her whole being and walking this journey with me. Ildi has helped me to exercise how to intentionally step out of my comfort zone. Since then I am more liberated and I experience situations that life suddenly “throws” at me in a new and different way. It makes me feel so good to have a continuous experience of success wherever I go. I also really appreciate the positive feedback from my social environment and friends too. If you need help in any area of your life, Ildi is the perfect person to help you. I wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone.

Eszter Sinkovics

I have been working with Ildiko for a few months on a weekly basis.

We started our conversations with the dream of a fairy tale book, and that dream has already become reality! So much that it’s not even a book anymore , but a complete project.

Our meetings are in an incredibly good atmosphere. She supports me with her energy, ideas and immense attention. She never pushes me to force anything, she never tries to change me, she just encourages me to bring out the potential in me.

She gave me the drive, the strength and the faith until I found my own. Not only did my dream come true, but I have changed in the process. I have become much more structured, focused and not just a dreamer, but more confident reaching new goals.

Do you have a dream too? Then make it happen together!

Anita Tóth


We fear our own experiences because it means leaving our comfort zone. But what if you dared to embrace your own journey, your own mission, your own greatness and dare to live your own life? Sometimes you have to change your mind completely to make the change you want to make. To do this, it is very good to have a helpful person to guide you along this path and to ask you targeted questions to help you discover your own solution.  In Ildiko I found the perfect person to help me. She is understanding, empathetic and solution-oriented. Our work together is characterized by total acceptance of me as a person. In our work together, only solutions to my life situations and challenges are agreed with me, which are suitable for my individual character. It is my own solutions – for my specific problems – that are the most perfect for me. I heartily recommend her to anyone who wants to change, or who wants to make a change in their current life .

Boglárka Nagy


When I started working with Ildiko, I was looking for a partner. I didn’t have a clear vision of the inner qualities of my ideal partner, so I felt a bit lost in the process. Luckily, that’s when I found Ildiko, who helped me a lot with her great insights. Because she had an unbiased view of me, she was able to evaluate my situation much better than I could. She helped me to sort out my thoughts, so that we were closer to the image of the right partner.

Through our good humored conversations, I gained a deeper self-awareness. I think that her coaching has contributed greatly to the fact that I am in a very happy relationship today. I think that most people in specific life situations need an excellent coach like Ildiko to help them through difficult life situations. In my opinion, Ildikó’s psychological knowledge and great communication skills can help a lot of people to solve their problems.



At some point in my life, I found myself in a situation that completely “put me on the floor”. I felt lost and unimportant. I realized the magnitude and the seriousness of the problem and felt that it was almost impossible to cope without the help of a professional. That is when I contacted Ildiko. I came to my first consultation feeling exhausted, sad and hopeless. I almost stopped believing in anything. But I was sure of one thing. I knew that I wanted and I had to change the situation in my life! Already after the first meeting I felt a significant difference. I left our meeting as a totally different person and started to practice and do everything we had discussed on a daily basis. What I would highlight about our work together is that Ildiko and I were able to permanently resolve a long-standing problem I had. During our work Ildiko also helped me to get to know myself better. This especially has helped me to understand exactly whom and for what I am really looking for. It was important for me to bring my answers to the “surface”. During therapy I felt that Ildikó is as kind, accepting, friendly and helpful as if we have known each other for 1000 years. If you believe the time is right to make a life changing choice, don’t be afraid to take action! Ildikó is guaranteed to help you get on the path you want to take and especially to stay on it 🙂

Zsolt Petri


With Ildi’s help, I have a new opportunity to fulfill a desire I have cherished for a few years. During the coaching sessions with her, my variety of options for achieving my goals became more and more focused. She has ensured me to leave my very comfortable little comfort zone. Taking a deep breath, I jumped through my own shadow. I became more brave and confident from the experience we had worked out together. I am now courageous, dynamic and motivated towards achieving my goals and desires. Ildi helps me to realise myself and accomplish my plans with great love, attention, ideas and drive. My daily and weekly life has become much more structured. I am moving at a pace that is self-driven and right for me in terms of completing my tasks/goals related to my plan. The importance of systematic language learning and exercise has come into focus, as well as the development of a healthier, more conscious lifestyle. It feels good to move forward in a focused way, with a lot of progress and a sense of achievement. Don’t be afraid of change, to change! You can also live your dreams! I can heartily recommend Ildi for a very high quality, joint work together.

Katalin Egri

It was great to discuss my current problems with Ildiko. I am more focused now, more energized and more cheerful. I feel like I can overcome any problem.

I recommend Ildikó to everyone who wants to live in the present and start planning for the future instead of dwelling on the past!

Ildiko is kind and focused, very skilled at identifying the problems and helpful in looking for the solutions !

Zsuzsi Szvatkó