A múlt elmúlt

The past is gone. I encourage you to accept this fact! I recommend, however, that you do not simply try to “let it go”! The phrase “let it go” has become very fashionable, to which I just shake my head. How naive and over simplistic is that sentence? It is a Hocus-pocus one-word advice.

My suggestion is to process your past and any traumas it may have caused! If you do this, the “letting go” will happen steadily and beautifully. For this work, the “letting go ” is not the goal, but the consequence. In doing so, your soul will grow and become stronger. This kind of processing is similar to how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. It is not advisable (nor is it very possible) to rush this process. It is worth dealing with it and taking the time to do it. Primarily you will do it for the final result. You do it for your benefit.

It is my opinion that if you “let go” of your difficulties you will and can remain the same person. When you work through your disturbing problem, you improve, beautify and become more. The consequence of your effort will be then this “letting go” feeling. This kind of processing of conflict or trauma then has a truly transformative effect. We become intimate with our soul. It is as uplifting as becoming intimate with another person. I encourage you to NOT just ‘let go’ of the situation you are challenged with, but to dare to look at it, know it, smell it, taste it, eat it and then defecate it out of you. I will make sure you have the courage to get intimate with yourself.

Your ego tells you that if everything is perfect, then you will be happy. But your soul knows the truth: Be happy and everything will be perfect! Find your happiness! Not because everything is good, but because you find something good in everything. Not because every situation is wonderful, but because YOU see the wonder in all situations. Einstein said that there are two ways of living our lives: one is the “nothing is miraculous” view and the other is that “everything is” miraculous. I know which one I live in. And do you live in the reality you want to live in? I’d be happy to help you if you want to make a change. I think that once the darkness of your past is behind you, you’ll be able to focus on bringing light into your future.

It is well worth trying to identify and look deep into yourself. It’s taking your soul first into your hands and then into your heart. From then on, it won’t matter what anyone says or thinks about you. Work through for yourself the troubling situations in your life, your conflicts with people, understand your traumas.  I encourage you to come on the journey with me and I guarantee that the landscape will be very rich…

If you want to be free, I recommend you to stop locking yourself in the prison of your past. If you want to see the light, step out of your cage!

Be strong enough to enjoy your life! I wish you to live your life to the fullest, regardless of “what is happening” and who is not doing currently the right thing in your life for you.

Is your life not going the way you planned? For many others, it’s not. Move on and do it! Focus on the good! Think about what you can do today to make things right for you. Commit yourself to your future and you will have a healthy, strong and promising tomorrow!!!

To those who feel a sense of responsibility for their lives and truly want to move on from their undesirable life situation, please don’t be afraid to leave the past behind. This way you will be able to create so much more freedom for yourself than those who cannot or will not take this step.



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