How many coaching sessions do you need?

It depends on the individual and the level of your commitment to the goal you want to achieve. You can commit to a series of sessions or drop in from time to time. If you want to have sessions several times a week, we will arrange it several times a week. You may need to meet once a month in the longer term. I will adopt to my clients’ needs.

I offer different consultation packages (life coaching and psychological consultation), taking into account the different needs and opportunities of the client. I am confident that one of the different models will appeal to you. If you are serious about achieving your goals and your financial means make this possible, I suggest you commit to a coaching session with me for about three months. We will talk on a weekly basis. This is the timeframe when radical changes, the introduction of possible new habits and the achievement of goals will be visible and tangible.


What will you learn from me?

  • evolve your self-esteem, self-respect (this will make others appreciate and respect you more.)
  • a super fast way to manage stress (3 minutes)
  • a scientifically proven simple technique for introducing new habits and also staying with them
  • an excellent way to focus on your tasks effectively
  • methods to voluntarily leave your comfort zone
  • taming your fears
  • focusing on your own competences and experiencing the uplifting effect of this
  • creating harmony within yourself and your environment.
  • taking the captain’s post on the ship of your life = taking conscious control of your life

What changes will you experience after the consultations? 

  • You will understand yourself better
  • You will be able to focus well
  • You will find it easier to tackle difficult challenges
  • Reach your goals faster
  • Be more accepting of yourself and others
  • Life will seem more simple and easier
  • You will get on better with your family, your environment and your colleagues
  • Your sense of self will deepen
  • Your self-confidence will grow
  • Your motivation level will increase
  • You will have no longer fear from change
  • After our conversation, you will feel more optimistic, content and you will be in a better mood.