What are we afraid of?

We are afraid of pain, suffering, life, being loved, closeness, rejection, mistakes – the things we can do, we are afraid of God and we are afraid of hell. We are afraid of criticism, impoverishment, disappointment, change, punishment. Furthermore we are afraid of loss of security, loss of control, manipulation, retribution, being ridiculed. Last, but not least we are afraid of fears.

What happens to us when we are afraid? We become blocked, frightened, cautious, tense, ashamed, speechless. We become superstitious and we will be constantly on the defensive site. We become distrustful and we may become threatening. We will be frightened, timid and full of fear, full of alarm.

Behind the fear, you can find often anger.  There is much to be gained from freeing ourselves from the blockage of fear and adopting a more successful way of living. During this learning period, we will also benefit from change in other areas of our lives. We will have energy to do more things. We will be and feel more free and more happy. We will also have a more peaceful mind. 

How can we tame our fears?

  • Tip #1:

Do something small everyday that scares you.  You will get better on anything if you are practicing it. So why not to start practicing overcoming fear in small steps everyday? You can start to train yourself step by step and day by day.

This way when you are then faced with something that brings up a great fear, you know what it feels like and you’ve had practice overcoming the feeling.

Look for little things throughout your day that scare you and lean into them. A simple example is saying “No” to somebody.

  • Tip #2:

Watch somebody else do what you are scared of. I’ve always found something magical happens when I see somebody else do exactly what I’m scared of. It shows me it’s possible, provides confidence, and gives me something to model.

  • Tip #3:

Take action before you think too much. So often the more we think about something the more fear has a chance to grow. But have you noticed the minute you take action on something, and start focusing on the task at hand fear goes away?

This is something you can practice, just like the first tip. Practice each day taking action as quickly as possible with the little things that scare you. This will build the habit of not over thinking things and getting right into action.

Set yourself up for success and practice these three tips every day. Pretty soon you’ll get to a point where these tips will become habits and second nature for you…

As you get results and overcome your fears, share your success and process with others. This will inspire other people and build up your own confidence at the same time!



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