Is something very difficult right now? Have you lost someone important to you? Do you feel like the waves have crashed completely over your head? Do you have the feeling that you are just existing but not living? Are you out of ideas and you do not feel like looking for solutions? Does life hurt too much? You can not make a decision?

I offer you three very short exercises that you should especially remember when you have days like these. I’m not saying they’re easy exercises, and I’m not saying they’ll make your pain go away completely. But if you try to implement these exercises into your everyday life and practice them diligently, they are guaranteed to help. For me, it helped me to understand that it is possible to live and grieve at the same time. So I will always be grateful for these exercises.

You are practicing a resilience that you will be able to use in all stages of your life. Resilient people don’t reduce the negative in their lives (there are countless life situations that are beyond their control), but they have developed some ways to see the positive in almost every situation. How can you train yourself to be more resilient, i.e. how can you increase your resilience?


I’ll share with you three exercises that will help you get through the darkest, most challenging situations

  • Tip# 1:

Life happens. Very bad things happen in it, e.g. losses, pain. Tragedies happen to everyone and unfortunately no one is an exception. Suffering is as much a part of every human existence as joy. I suggest that when you are in a very deep moment, stop for a minute in the middle of the chaos and consciously ask yourself the question: in this particular situation, should I sink or swim? You will know the answer and you will immediately see more clearly.

  • Tip# 2:

Resilient people have a habit of praising various situations that can be interpreted as negative. They know that every experience will be useful to them at some point.  They therefore use even unpleasant events as a building block. They are very quick to decide which situations they can change and which situations they have no control over. Then they accept the one they cannot change. This ability is not predestined from birth and can therefore be learned at any age. I suggest you try it yourself!

  • Tip# 3:

When you find yourself in a challenging situation, ask yourself this question: is what I am planning or doing or thinking about now helping, supporting, moving me forward, bringing me joy, or hindering, holding me back, pulling me back, hurting me? Just asking the question has great power. Because asking yourself this question and then answering it will effectively put you back in the driver’s seat of your life. There you have the opportunity to regain control over yourself, your situation and your decision-making. You will see yourself less as a victim of life. You will know that your life and your choices are in your control. But please be kind to yourself!

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